Acneticin – A Miracle Pill?

Acneticin acne treatment is an herbal pill that is designed to attack acne where it begins, “at the cellular level of your skin.”  Instead of trying to “solve a deep problem by scratching the surface,” Acneticin works inside the body to balance your body systems, detoxify, and strengthen skin.  This acne pill begins in the blood stream “and works its way out, flushing, clearing, strengthening, and … fighting for the skin you want.”

Acneticin can heal and prevent many types of acne including blackheads, zits, infected pustules, redness, and blotchiness.  Acneticin’s natural ingredients were chosen in part because they “support the liver and hormone producing glands of the body.”  According to the product website, hormonal acne is caused when excess hormones trigger overactive sebum (oil) production.  The hormone balancing herbs in Acneticin are designed to counteract this effect.  The Acneticin system will also stimulate collagen production to help repair and strengthen skin to make it “healthier, stronger, firmer, clearer, and better.”

Because it does not touch the skin directly, Acneticin can be used by people of all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Company Information

The Acneticin website does not give any information about the company behind this acne system, but the Better Business Bureau does have a file under the Acneticin name.  The BBB gives Acneticin a grade of C-, yet they say, “We know of no reason not to do business with this company.”  Just one complaint has been filed against Acneticin with the BBB in the last 36 months, and it was resolved satisfactorily.

Product Specifications

Acneticin’s website contains a full list of the herbs and other ingredients present in the capsules.  Some of those include vitamin A to strengthen the immune system and help you fight infection, licorice root to reduce inflammation, milk thistle to regulate the liver, and white willow to reduce acne scarring.  Acneticin contains only all-natural ingredients.

Each bottle of Acneticin contains 120 capsules.  The website directs that you take 4-8 capsules each day.  The website gives no warnings about the product and says that there are “zero side effects” to taking Acneticin.

Where to Buy Acneticin

Acneticin herbal capsules can be purchased from the official Acneticin website.  It is not available in stores.


A 120-count bottle of Acneticin will cost $39.99 plus shipping.

Return Policy

Acneticin offers a lifetime money back guarantee.  After taking the pills, if you are not completely satisfied, you may return the empty bottle at any time for a full refund minus shipping charges.


Finding reviews about Acneticin has not been easy because … there don’t seem to be any!  Yes, there are the sites that appear to have one goal in mind (“sell this product”) like Acne Cures Revealed that has named Acneticin the second best acne treatment in their Top Acne Treatments list.

What I can’t find are real comments from real people who have used Acneticin.  On Yahoo! Answers I found more than a dozen questions about Acneticin, but most answers either did not mention Acneticin or specifically stated that they’d “never heard of that.”  Only one question had answers from people who said they had used Acneticin, but both of those answers had an odd, suspicious slant to them – one said simply, “Very much so,” and the other said, “It really works.  I used it and like the 1st week it worked! You should get it.  It [is] like the best thing I used.”  Not exactly the kind of comments that sound 100% genuine.

At a popular acne forum, the only thread discussing Acneticin garnered only answers saying people had not tried it.  On the second page of the comments, two people in a row posted nice, positive reviews of Acneticin, but another user pointed out that those people had only joined the same day and only posted the one glowing review.

In searching for information about many acne skin care products, I noticed that some of the questions and answers on Acneticin’s frequently asked questions page are 100% identical to those on the frequently asked questions page of Acnexus’ website.  Whether this means that the two products are made by the same company or that one copied from the other is a matter for your own judgment.

Does it really work as an acne solution?  Unfortunately, since I couldn’t find true accounts from users of Acneticin, I can’t shares the pros and cons or the potential problems and successes with you.  As I always say when I can’t find real users of an acne treatment, if no one’s talking about it, at least no one is calling it a scam.