Acnexus – Mixed Customer Feedback & Shady Looking Site

Acnexus Acne Scrub is a single step acne solution for both teen and adult acne.  It is designed for total acne control and will “help heal and prevent breakouts, rid blackheads” and “annihilate oily, red, itchy skin.”  According to the Acnexus acne treatment website, this face scrub is guaranteed to “work within 24 hours” to heal all types of acne.

Acnexus acne skin care system can be used by people with all skin types.  It is well-suited to treating acne in those with sensitive skin, but the frequently asked questions page cautions that you should begin by scrubbing gently and “build up how hard and how long you scrub.”

Company Information

The Acnexus website does not give any information about the company behind this acne fighting product, and the Better Business Bureau has no file under the Acnexus name.  I was not able to uncover any information about the maker of Acnexus with an internet search either.

Product Specifications

Acnexus Acne Scrub is a facial acne cleanser and an acne body wash rolled into one.  It’s meant to be used once or twice per day to wash any part of the body where you have acne.  The Acnexus website says that this system is excellent for treating body acne.

This natural acne treatment contains 27 vitamins, herbs, and other all-natural ingredients to “cleanse, exfoliate, repair, renew, revitalize, moisturize, supplement, and nourish” acne prone skin.  Some of these acne fighters are white willow bark to break down both whiteheads and blackheads and prevent clogged pores, green tea to rebuild skin cells, jojoba to eliminate excess oil, chamomile oil to reduce inflammation, lavender oil to prevent infection from acne-causing bacteria, and vitamin E to help fade acne scars.  A description about how each ingredient helps in getting rid of acne is provided on the Acnexus website.

Ingredients intentionally missing from Acnexus include mineral oils, alcohol, harsh soaps, and benzoyl peroxide.  Though these ingredients are commonly found in other acne remedies, the makers of Acnexus maintain that, far from being acne cures, they will actually make acne worse.

No warnings or potential side effects to using this product are mentioned on the Acnexus website.

Where to Buy Acnexus Acne Scrub

Acnexus Acne Scrub can be purchased via the official Acnexus website and is not available in stores.


One 15-ounce bottle will cost $29.95 and lasts for 4-8 weeks.  (The website’s frequently asked questions page appears to be out of date as it gives a cost of $15 per bottle and states that one bottle will last 6-8 months.)

Return Policy

Acnexus boasts a “no time limit money back guarantee.”  If for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the results that you see while using Acnexus, you may return the empty bottle for a full refund minus shipping and handling.


I started my search for Acnexus reviews with several questions in mind:  Does it work?  Can a one-step acne product really work in preventing acne?  Is that less-then-professional website just a scam or is Acnexus actually good?  I found quite a few complaints about Acnexus but also reviews from people who had good results while using it.  Let’s look at some of the pros and cons people mentioned.

Several people called Acnexus “a great exfoliator” and said it “has a nice smell” and “makes your skin feel good.”  A few are very pleased with the acne clearing results they’ve experienced like the one whose review says, “Acnexus dried my pimples and is starting to get rid of my” clogged pores.  Another writes that it “made my redness go away, and my pimples are getting way better.”

For others, a period of clearing skin after starting to use Acnexus turned into serious problems.  As one user says, “After about three days, my acne just got worse and worse until I finally gave up about two weeks in.”  A woman from Florida writes, “My skin cleared up when I stopped using it.”

The unprofessional look of the Acnexus website raises warning flags that perhaps the maker of Acnexus is being less than honest.  Reputable companies disclose full contact information on their websites, but Acnexus doesn’t even give the name of its business.  One email address is given for contacting them.  On one review site, people say things like “the website totally looks like a scam” and “the website is very sketchy and seems fake.”  Indeed, there are inconsistencies in the information given on the website that seem suspicious.

In searching for information about many acne skin care products, I noticed that some of the questions and answers on Acnexus’ frequently asked questions page are 100% identical to those on the frequently asked questions page of Acneticin’s website.  Whether this means that the two products are made by the same company or that one copied from the other is a matter for your own judgment.