Biore – Probably Best For Cases Of Very Mild Acne

Biore(R) Complexion Clearing is a skin care regimen made up of four acne products that are “clinically proven” to clear clogged pores “68% better than Proactiv.”  With salicylic acid as their active ingredient, the products in the Biore(R) acne treatment system target blackheads, blemishes, and clogged pores.

Complexion Clearing products are formulated to be extra gentle even for sensitive skin.  The cleansers lightly exfoliate skin to remove dirt and bacteria from blocked pores in order to “help your pores breathe a little easier.”  You’ll have the “unclogging power you want without the irritation”  as the skin care treatment unclogs and tightens pores and “reduces surface shine” to leave you with healthy skin.

Unlike many other acne treatment regimens, Biore(R) does not give explicit instructions on the frequency of using the Complexion Clearing products.  They leave this decision in your hands based on your acne needs and whether you have dry skin, normal skin, or oily skin.  Other than using the facial wash each day, you may decide to use the other products daily or just a few times per week.

As proof the Biore(R) Complexion Clearing products really work, Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser was chosen by Allure Magazine as the 2008 Best of Beauty Award Winner for their favorite cleansing product for oily/acne prone skin.

Company Information

Biore(R) Skincare markets skin care products that promise “a few surprises, a touch of fun, and lots of cool options to meet your … skincare needs” because “getting great skin doesn’t need to be boring or run-of-the-mill.”  Biore(R) is owned by Kao Brands, which was originally the Jergens Soap Company.  Founded in 1882 and acquired by Kao Brands in 1988, this company manufactures a wide range of well-known personal care products.

A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business since 1980, Kao Brands receives the highest grade of A+ from the BBB.  In the last 36 month, the BBB has received two consumer complaints about Kao Brands and both of these situations were resolved satisfactorily.

Product Specifications

Two of the Complexion Clearing products contain exclusively pharmaceutical ingredients, which means this Biore(R) line can’t be called “all natural skin care products,” but the other two contain some herbal ingredients.  Triple Action Astringent contains witch hazel, and Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser contains both lavender to soothe and calm and eucalyptus to stimulate and purify skin.  Let’s take a closer look at each product.

Though the Complexion Clearing line contains four skin care products, only three are used for your personal beauty care regimen.  You have a choice between two facial cleansers for step one depending on your personal skin problems.

For fighting blackheads, you may choose Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser which comes in a 6.25 ounce tube and should be used daily.  This deep cleansing formula contains light exfoliators and “cleans five times better than any other warming cleanser.”  For help controlling other blemishes, Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser “cleans deeply and guards against blemishes” with its combination of pharmaceuticals and herbals.  Both cleansers contain 2% salicylic acid.

The second step in the Complexion Clearing system is to exfoliate with Pore Unclogging Scrub, which is packaged in a five ounce tube.  This scrub contains 2% salicylic acid and “50% more gentle exfoliating spheres” to be a powerful and effective pore cleanser.  It is gentle enough to use everyday or you may choose to use it a few times each week.

The final step is to give skin “a clean sweep” with Triple Action Astringent.  In an 8.5 ounce bottle, this astringent uses 2% salicylic acid to unclog and tighten pores and reduce skin’s shiny appearance.  It may be used daily.

No warnings or potential side effects to using Biore(R) Complexion Clearing products are discussed on the website.

Where to Buy Biore(R) Complexion Clearing

Biore(R) Complexion Clearing products are conveniently sold in stores.  You can find them at many mass merchandisers, grocers, and drug stores.


Each Complexion Clearing product will cost about $6.99 depending on your place of purchase.

Return Policy

Biore(R)’s website doesn’t specify a return policy.  Most retail stores will accept a return of unused products, but you would need to contact Biore(R) for information about possibly returning used products.


In searching for acne treatment reviews and pros and cons about Biore(R) Complexion Clearing, I found some interesting “good” points that weren’t even mentioned on the Biore(R) website.  Several people have written that they love the smell of the Complexion Clearing products.  The Pore Unclogging Scrub is described by one person as having a “refreshing green apple scent.”  The Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser begins to warm skin as you apply it, and one review-writer says this is “surprising and nice.”

But does it work?  How does it perform as an acne solution?  For some, it controls acne very well – like the reviewer who has used Complexion Clearing for four years and has virtually no acne now.  For others, the results “aren’t what you call amazing.”  One young lady writes, “I haven’t gotten any new pimples, but certainly my present ones haven’t cleared up.”  Another writes that “after using this product for two months, I still have all [the same blackheads].”

Whether someone sees fantastic results or just has a series of problems using a certain acne product is always a matter or personal skin type and the body’s response to the product.  One reviewer feels that Complexion Clearing would work best for “people with mild acne.”  From all the reviews, Biore(R) seems to fall into the middle of the road – not a scam, but not the best either.