Clean And Clear Deep Action – Good For Cleansing The Skin, But Not Ideal For Healing Acne.

Clean & Clear Deep Action is a set of acne treatment products that work to cleanse skin “deep down to the pores,” removing dirt, oil, and makeup.   “Designed to invigorate skin while cleansing pores deep down,” these products contain menthol, which means skin is “left feeling tingly clean and refreshed.”  Deep Action is formulated to cleanse skin thoroughly without stripping it of its essential moisture.

All treatments in the line are oil-free, and the cream cleanser comes in a sensitive skin version.  Clean & Clear Deep Action treatments are created from a blend of pharmaceutical ingredients developed and tested in a laboratory.

Company Information

Clean & Clear is owned by Johnson & Johnson, which was founded founded more than 120 years ago and enjoys an excellent reputation in many countries around the world.  The company is most officially known as Ethicon, Inc., and has been a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business since 1979.  They receive a grade of A+ from the BBB and have had no complaints filed against them in the last 36 months.

Product Specifications

Refreshing Gel Cleanser contains a “combination of surface active cleansing agents and moisture retaining emollients,” salicylic acid to help remove dead skin cells, and menthol for a cooling, revitalizing sensation.  It is sold in an eight ounce pump bottle.

Cream Cleanser’s sensitive skin formula is soap free and hypoallergenic.  The main difference between the sensitive skin and regular formulas is that regular Cream Cleanser contains alcohol.  Both contain salicylic acid and menthol and are packaged in 6.5 ounce tubes.

Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub, in a five ounce tube, contains micro-beads for gently and effectively exfoliating and cleansing skin.  While it does contain menthol like the other products, it doesn’t contain salicylic acid or alcohol.

No warnings or side effects of using the Deeep Action acne treatment system are discussed on Clean & Clear’s website.

Where to Buy Clean & Clear Deep Action

The Deep Action line of products can be purchased at select online retailers and at some local stores such as mass merchandisers and drug stores.


The cost of Clean & Clear Deep Action acne treatments are approximately $5.49 each.

Return Policy

No return policy is mentioned on Clean & Clear’s website.  Most retail stores will accept returns of unused products.  If Deep Action doesn’t work for your acne and you want to find out how to get Clean & Clear to issue a refund after you’ve used the products, contact customer service via the Clean & Clear website.


Since it is readily available at retail stores, Clean & Clear Deep Action treatments seem to be widely used.  Proof that these products really work, Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub won Self magazine’s Healthy Beauty Award in 2008.  Many of the user reviews, however, suggest that while Deep Action is good for cleansing the skin, it isn’t so good for healing acne.

A large number of Clean & Clear users are very happy with the fragrance and cleansing abilities of the Deep Action line of products.  Comments include, “rinses well and leaves the skin feeling clean,” “makes your skin feel nice,” and “feels tingly and clean after you use it.”  The one truly unique aspect of Deep Action is that all four products contain menthol, yet this ingredient is not known to affect acne at all.  As one acne sufferer says, “The menthol cools your skin but does nothing more to help acne.”

Many people have seen both pros and cons to Clean & Clear Deep Action.  One reviewer writes that the cleanser “feels great on my skin” and “smells very good” but that it “only made my acne worse.”  This person even suggests that people who have never had acne problems will develop them if they start washing with Deep Action Cream Cleanser.

On the other hand, a user from New York writes that the cleanser “cleared my blackheads after 2 weeks of use.”  She also says, however, that it dried out her skin and she recommends it only for people with oily skin types.

A young woman who tried Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser writes that it “actually burned my skin.  It looked like I had a sunburn.”  Another writes, “Though this cleanser helped to remove excess oil and dirt for the time being, after only two hours I felt my skin becoming greasy again.”

Well, does it work?  Acne sufferers have found themselves ‘taken in’ y so many acne treatment scams, it’s normal to question whether any products will actually work.  Based on these and other reviews, it seems that Clean & Clear Deep Action is a good skin cleansing product but not the best solution for acne.