Zenmed(TM) Derma Cleanse – Receives The Best Customer Feedback Out Of Almost All Acne Products We Have Reviewed

Zenmed(TM) Derma Cleanse is a three-step system of products that contain “acne fighting ingredients as well as natural healing ingredients that will help soothe your skin.”  According to the Zenmed(TM) website, Derma Cleanse provides clear skin because it balances skin oils, removes skin irritations, and “works both internally and externally to clear and prevent acne.”

This three-step system is summed up by Zenmed in these words: “The herbal supplements fight the acne at its source, supported by the acne gel and maintained with our cleanser.”  The system is designed to attack the source of acne instead of just masking its symptoms.  Zenmed(TM)’s promotional information calls Derma Cleanse “the most effective long-term acne control system available.”

Unlike many acne treatments that are made of either natural or synthetic ingredients, Derma Cleanse contains a “unique fusion of all-natural botanicals and proven pharmaceutical formulas.”  The company has chosen ingredients that will soothe and heal skin and avoided ingredients that will irritate or aggravate.  Chemicals that are commonly used in over-the-counter acne treatments – like benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and alcohol – have been intentionally left out of Derma Cleanse.  The salicylic acid in Derma Cleanse is derived from fruit, and Zemed(TM) says that this ingredient is “tough enough to treat stubborn acne yet gentle enough not to further damage your already sensitive skin.”

Company Information

Zenmed(TM) is a company that has chosen to focus on therapeutic skin care products and does not manufacture or develop products in any other category.  Their products are made in America under the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration with adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices requirements.  Their ingredients are tested for quality by independent laboratories.

Their customer service track record appears very good when I look at their file with the Better Business Bureau.  Zenmed(TM) has been a BBB Accredited business since 2005, and they receive a grade of A- in their BBB file.  The BBB has recorded just four complaints against Zenmed(TM) in the last 12 months, and all listed problems have been resolved.

Product Specifications

Zenmed(TM) Derma Cleanse’s three-step system begins with the Derma Cleanse capsules which contain a “combination of all natural herbs proven to cleanse the body and regulate imbalanced hormones.”  This herbal combination is said to “eradicate and balance all biological causes” of acne.  The instructions tell users to take six capsules each day – each bottle contains 90 capsules and would last 15 days.  The information on the Zenmed(TM) website specifically states that there are no side effects to taking the Derma Cleanse capsules.

Step two is the Derma Cleanse Acne Gel which is applied in a “fine layer” over existing acne.  Though it is called step two, the instructions say to apply it after using the Facial Cleansing Gel.  Derma Cleanse Acne Gel is designed to fight “Propionibacterium and other acne causing organisms,” to regulate the production of sebum, and unclog pores.  The gel also primes skin to more readily absorb nutrients and astringents. Derma Cleanse Acne Gel penetrates deeply into skin’s dermis layers to promote healing, reduce redness and swelling, and attack acne-causing bacteria.  It is packaged in a two ounce pump bottle and has no “side effects or contraindications. Non-irritant to the skin.”

Derma Cleanse Gentle Cleanser is to be used morning and evening to cleanse away dirt, bacteria and excess oil.  Instead of stripping away skin’s natural oils, the Gentle Cleanser “cooperates with your body’s physiology, leaving behind the right amount of natural oil.”  In addition to the normal tasks of cleansing and softening skin, Derma Cleanse Gentle Cleanser “limits the growth of causative organisms.”  Like the other Zenmed(TM) products, the label reads, “No side effects or contraindications. Non-irritant to the skin.”  It comes in a six ounce bottle.

Where to Buy Zenmed(TM) Derma Cleanse

Derma Cleanse may be purchased at Zenmed(TM)’s official website.


A 30-day supply of the complete Derma Cleanse(R) System costs $99.95.

Return Policy

Within 60 days after purchase, Zenmed(TM) products may be returned, used or unused, for a full refund minus shipping and handling charges.  Refunds are limited to one order per person, and you must contact Zenmed(TM) before returning any products.

Rating: (5/5)

User Feedback

“…my skin cleared up completely in 2 weeks…”

“…finally found relief…really works wonders in a short period of time..”

“…Zenmed Derma Cleanse really worked for me…”

–Actual user comments from Acne-Forum.com

“…I’m starting to see some good results within a short span of time (within 1-2 weeks)…”

–Actual user comment from Acne blog

“…I managed to get rid of acne in 3 weeks time…”

–Actual user comment from Review Centre


When I’m scouring the internet to find information and reviews from real people about an acne treatment, I have just one thought in mind, “Does it work?  Is this product good?”  Most products are pretty balanced on the list of their pros and cons, but a very large percentage of forum comments, blog posts, and reviews that I have found for Zenmed(TM) Derma Cleanse have been positive.  I found no warnings that suggested Derma Cleanse is a scam.

I found just a few truly negative reviews (out of 3-4 dozen), and one of those people was using Derma Cleanse to treat rosacea, not acne.    One said that Derma Cleanse “didn’t do anything” for her skin, and two others said that after 2-3 months using the system, their skin was worse than ever.  As with other products, this could be because of the acne-causing bacteria and toxins being pulled out of the body and excreted through the skin.  The extra acne would possibly have subsided after this “detox” period.

One review writer, who uses the system to combat his cystic acne, states that Derma Cleanse gave him “an 80% clearing rate” while he used the capsules alone.  A writer at CureZone.com says that Zenmed(TM) “Derma Cleanse system seems to work for a much longer period of time [than other products] before the body starts to ‘rebound.’”

All in all, Derma Cleanse receives the best reviews of almost all the acne treatments I have researched.