Healthy Pores(TM) Acne Recovery System Review

Healthy Pores(TM) Acne Recovery System was created after years of research into the causes of acne, the best way to clear acne, and how to achieve healthy skin and a beautiful complexion.  Healthy Pores(TM) acne treatment is a complete 3-step acne solution that not only “takes care of the skin problems you have now,” but also targets the “fundamental root causes of acne” to prevent future breakouts.

In discussing what makes its acne treatment products really work, Healthy Pores(TM) identifies three root causes of acne:  blocked pores, bacteria, and overactive hormones.  Their line of acne skin care products are carefully formulated to target and correct these three acne causes.  In a 3-step system that consists of Facial Wash, Treatment Cream, and Nutritional Capsules, Healthy Pores(TM) promotes acne free skin by keeping pores “clean, open, and healthy,” killing the bacteria that causes acne, and controlling the overactive hormones that contribute to acne flareups.  Hormones – whether related to puberty, fertility cycles, stress, or environmental toxins – signal glands in the body to produce too much sebum (oil).  This excess of sebum commonly can’t be cleansed away fast enough and, along with dead skin cells, begins to clog pores.  This combination of too much oil and clogged pores often leads to acne.

The Healthy Pores(TM) system is especially designed to effectively treat acne on all skin types.  Healthy Pores(TM) products balance oil production levels and encourage skin’s natural hydration to bring the healthy appearance of a normal skin type to those with oily, dry, or combination skin.  Healthy Pores(TM) is also an effective acne sensitive skin treatment because it contains “properties that are exceptionally soothing to both the internal and external systems.”

Company Information

Healthy Pores(TM) Acne Recovery System is owned by Leading Edge Herbals, a company based in Tennessee in the United States that markets a variety of herbal products including natural acne skin care treatment products.  Leading Edge receives a grade of F from the Better Business Bureau.  The explanation for this low grade is that the BBB does not have information about how long Leading Edge has been in business, the BBB does not have background information about the business, and Leading Edge has failed to respond to a consumer complaint.  Leading Edge has received just one consumer complaint – regarding a refund or exchange issue – in the last 36 months, yet this complaint was received more than a year ago and Leading Edge has not responded.

Product Specifications

According to the website, acne prone skin is not efficient in naturally exfoliating dead skin cells.  This build-up of dead skin causes clogged pores, which is a major cause of acne.  The first step in the Healthy Pores(TM) acne skin care regimen helps get rid of acne by first exfoliating to unclog pores.  Healthy Pores(TM) Facial Wash contains 2% salicylic acid as its active ingredient to naturally exfoliate skin and eliminate both blackheads and whiteheads.  The Facial Wash instructions caution against scrubbing skin since excessive rubbing against acne cysts, nodules, and pimples can actually aggravate skin and increase breakouts.

Tea tree oil in Healthy Pores(TM) Treatment Cream helps this natural acne remedy reduce the bacteria in your skin that is causing all types of acne problems.  In addition to “killing bacteria on the skin surface,” tea tree oil promotes the growth of new skin cells.  This effective, natural ingredient can be an  important part of your healthy skin care routine as it targets “your current acne problems while reducing or eliminating future outbreaks due to infection.”  The Healthy Pores(TM) website states that 5% tea tree oil is as effective as benzoyl peroxide in treating acne with “significantly less side effects, including less dryness of the skin.”  Healthy Pores(TM) Treatment Cream also contains anti-oxidant vitamins for acne as well as minerals to “nourish and moisturize” while targeting acne.

Many acne products don’t specifically treat hormonal acne, but the Healthy Pores(TM) system includes Healthy Pores(TM) Nutritional Capsules which contain “a proprietary herbal formula of a number of important natural herbal extracts.”  The ingredients were carefully chosen based on their abilities to “detoxify and purify the body of toxins; soothe and calm the nervous system; act as an anti-inflammatory and balance the hormones.”  Balanced hormones will reduce oil production and minimize acne breakouts.  The anti-inflammatory properties will reduce acne redness and shrink pores.

Healthy Pores(TM) does not provide a complete list of the ingredients in Facial Wash or Treatment Cream nor a complete list of the herbs included in Nutritional Capsules.  No warnings or potential side effects of using any of the Healthy Pores(TM) products are listed on the website.

Where to Buy Healthy Pores Acne Recovery System

Healthy Pores(TM) Acne Recovery System may be purchased directly from the company online, by fax, by phone, or by mail.  All ordering options are explained on the Healthy Pores(TM) website.


The cost for a single kit of Healthy Pores(TM) Acne Recovery System is $89.95 plus shipping.  The price is lower if you purchase multiple kits at once.  Five or more kits purchased at once will be $69.95 each and will receive free shipping.  The length of time that each kit will last is not specified.

Return Policy

Healthy Pores(TM) calls its acne treatment system “the ultimate solution to relief from acne.”  They back up this claim with a 60 day money-back guarantee.  You may use the Healthy Pores(TM) acne skin care system for 60 days and, if it doesn’t work better than other acne remedies you’ve tried, you can return the used products to Healthy Pores(TM) within 67 days of the original date of purchase for a full refund minus shipping charges.  The company asks that you contact them before returning any products, and an email address and toll-free phone numbers are provided on the website.  Refunds are limited to one per customer.


In searching for acne product reviews to share with you, I sometimes run into snags or problems but Healthy Pores(TM) has proven to be my most difficult search yet.  We all know that there’s no surefire cure for acne, but I always try to answer the questions, “Does it work?  Is this acne treatment good?”  I search the internet to find reviews and ratings from real acne sufferers, from people who have actually used the particular product and can share the pros and cons.

Most products don’t make it onto the “Best Acne Treatment” and “Top Acne Products” lists that some  review sites compile, but I can still find user feedback on acne forums, comments on other reviews, and short reviews on retail sites.  Healthy Pores(TM) Acne Recovery System, surprisingly, has not shown up on any of the forums or review sites that I ordinarily check.  Even after broadening my search to include wide Google searches, I could not find a single comment from someone who had actually used this acne treatment.  I found a few people asking for input from others who had used it, but these questions had no responses.

In a case like this, it’s hard to know what to think about an acne treatment or the company that makes it.  Healthy Pores(TM) has a very professional, polished website which makes customers feel confident about the product and the company.  The website is full of “testimonials” that Healthy Pores(TM) says users have sent in, but none of those glowing comments are reflected in the many reputable acne forums.  The one good thing about a lack of user comments regarding Healthy Pores(TM) is that no one is calling them a scam.