MD Skincare(R) Skin Happens Review

MD Skincare(R) Skin Happens is an acne treatment system that contains six skin care products that work together to soothe and treat acne prone skin to provide “more clear, beautiful and radiant complexion.”  People with all skin types can benefit from the blend of ingredients found in these professional skin treatments.  Dr. Dennis Gross, the creator of MD Skincare products, says, “Even the most sensitive skin can be calmed and treated with this combination of products and active ingredients.”

The Skin Happens products work together to provide a total acne solution and support skin’s health and vitality.  With a combination of herbals and pharmaceutical ingredients – “the best of what nature and science have to offer” – MD Skincare acne treatment cleanses skin, improves “skin radiance and clarity,” and supports collagen production to help skin rebuild its natural beauty.  The system also moisturizes skin by providing “immediate and long-term hydration” and protects skin from sun damage with your choice of SPF 15 and 30.

MD Skincare acne products provide maximum results, giving “dermatologist results” without the expense or time spent in a doctor’s office.

Company Information

MD Skincare was founded in 2002 by dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, who operates a private practice in New York City.  The company’s mission is to help people “achieve at home what it once took a visit to a dermatologist to accomplish.”

The company does not have a file with the Better Business Bureau.

Product Specifications

The six treatments included in the Skin Happens kit are:

All in One Facial Cleanser With Toner, packaged in an eight-ounce pump bottle, is a gentle skin cleanser that removes dirt, makeup, and excess oil while toning with natural witch hazel.  Also included are chamomile to soothe skin and vitamin E to restore and “protect skin’s natural moisture barrier.”  As it cleans and unclogs pores, this face wash “self-adjusts to your skin” as its needs vary with seasons and climate.  Powerful enough to remove waterproof makeup and sunscreen, All in One Facial Cleanser will not strip skin of its natural oils.

Alpha Beta(R) Daily Face Peel is one of MD Skincare’s best selling products.  This two-step system can be completed in just two minutes each day and provides a professional-style exfoliation.  Microexfoliation(TM) “is a gentle, non-irritating method of removing cellular debris from the surface of the skin” to give you a smooth, firm, more even complexion.  Alpha Beta(R) Daily Face Peel reduces pore size and calms redness with a blend of “soothing botanicals,” including chamomile and green tea extracts and vitamins A, C, and E.  The two-step process is simple:  Use “Step 1 Pad” to swipe all over face until the pad is dry.  After waiting two minutes, swipe the “Step 2 Pad” all over the face until the pad is dry.  No rinsing is needed, but the treatment should be followed with a moisturizer.  MD Skincare gives a warning not to use products containing alcohol after using Alpha Beta(R) Daily Face Peel.  The Skin Happens kit includes ten applications.

EZ4U 4-in-1 Facial Treatment for Dry/Normal Skin is a unique way to get “refreshed skin on-the-go” with a pocket-sized package of high performance towelettes.  Less than 20 seconds is all that’s needed for the instant beautification provided by the “convenience of 4 skincare products (a cleanser, toner, wrinkle fighter and moisturizer) in one portable pad.”  With both natural and chemical ingredients, EZ4U towelettes contain extract of willowbark, green tea, apple, blueberry fruit, and grape seed.  The box included in this kit has ten towelettes.

Continuous Eye Hydration Advanced Technology is a special moisturizer for the eye area.  It’s non-comedogenic formula will not increase or aggravate acne, while it’s blend of pharmaceuticals and herbals – including vitamin C and caffeine – soothes and repairs the sensitive skin around the eyes.  Skin Happens kit includes a 5ml bottle.

Powerful Sun Protection SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion, in a 50ml bottle, is an important part of any acne prevention regimen.  This sunscreen lotion protects skin from the sun damage that can worsen acne while also providing a “natural moisture barrier” to keep skin from drying out when exposed to the sun.

All in One Tinted Moisturizer, in a sample blister pack, is included in the kit to deliver “moisture only where skin needs it most.”  In addition to providing constant hydration, it “tightens skin to give a firmer, smoother look and feel.”

No side effects to any of the MD Skincare products are discussed on the website.  The site does specifically state the the products are safe for use by pregnant mothers.

Where to Buy MD Skincare(R)

MD Skincare(R) products can be purchased at the official website, at select online retailers, and in stores in a small number of communities.


MD Skincare Skin Happens kit will cost $29.00.  Larger sizes of each of the included products can be purchased individually for various prices.

Return Policy

A return policy is not mentioned on the MD Skincare website.


MD Skincare(R) products have received more than a dozen awards in “best skincare” categories from magazines and websites, which for many is proof that they really work, but I like to go to the source, to reviews from the real users.  All the products in the MD Skincare family, not just the ones in the Skin Happens kit, get excellent ratings from users.  Does it work for everyone?  Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros:  Smooths and clears skin, heals acne and slows or stops the formation of new acne

Cons:  Can cause initial breakouts, expensive, strong odor

Though I did not find as many reviews for MD Skincare as I have for some acne treatments, only a few of those I found contained complaints about the results people had when using the skin care products.  Some complaints revolved around the initial breakout that some people experience when using a new acne treatment, but most of those people were planning to continue using the MD Skincare treatments until the breakouts subsided.  One young lady writes that the Alpha Beta(R) Daily Face Peel “caused a lot of redness on my pale skin” and that as soon as she stopped using it, she began breaking out again.

Most people, however, had no problems with MD Skincare and wrote enthusiastic reviews.  Take the mother from New York, for example, who says that her “daughter has tried a lot of prescription remedies” to no avail but her results with MD Skincare “were unbelievable.”  Another woman, who had spent “top dollar” sending her teenage son to a dermatologist “for over a year with minimal results,” is thrilled with the results he’s experienced using Alpha Beta(R) Daily Face Peel and MD Skincare’s Correct and Perfect Spot Treatment (not included in the Skin Happens kit).  The difference in his acne “was almost immediate,” she writes.

Though it’s not included in the Skin Happens kit, MD Skincare’s All Over Blemish Solution gets good reviews from people who say they “have less blackheads” and do not break out as often when using it.  All in all, the MD Skincare line seems to work very well for many people.  The largest drawback is the high price of purchasing the products individually – as one person says, “Eighty bucks is expensive.”