Zeno(TM) Acne Treatment Review

Zeno is not your ordinary acne treatment.  It is a “hand-held battery-operated device,” about the size of a remote control, with a “tip that heats to a pre-set temperature.”  This heated tip is placed against a blemish where it will then “transfer heat into the follicle.”  This burst of heat shocks the acne-causing bacteria p. acnes which causes “heat shock proteins” to activate.  The proteins cause the bacteria to self-destruct, which in turn reduces inflammation and allows the skin to return to its normal, healthy state.

The Zeno acne treatment device is modulated to continually adjust to your body’s unique temperature, blood circulation, and skin type, as well as to the “heat absorption characteristics” in the pimple you are treating.  A digital timer within the Zeno acne device controls the length of time that heat is transferred to the blemish.  The heat, while destroying the acne, will not damage skin.

Zeno can be used for both teenage and adult acne and is designed for use by people with mild to moderate acne.  It is “clinically proven” to fade 90% of blemishes within 24 hours.  While Zeno will successfully treat many types of acne, it “does not work on blackheads, whiteheads and the severe form of acne called cystic acne.”

Company Information

Zeno(R) Corporation was founded in 2002 and focuses “on the development of medical devices for the treatment of skin lesions.”  The ClearPoint(TM) technology behind the system was developed by Zeno founder Robert Conrad and his brother and co-inventor Charles Conrad, M.D.

Based in Houston, Texas, Zeno Corporation receives a grade of F from the Better Business Bureau for, among other reasons, a failure to respond to two consumer complaints.  Of the three complaints filed against Zeno in the last 36 months, the two regarding “Refund or Exchange Issues” have not been responded to by Zeno Corporation.

Product Specifications

Each Zeno device requires a “treatment tip” in order to continually provide the proper heat dose, treatment after treatment.  Over time, the treatment tip will “degrade and become unable to reach sufficient temperature” and will need to be replaced.  One Zeno Treatment Tip will last for numerous cycles, and a row of blue lights on the device will indicate when it is time to replace the current tip.

Zeno uses a rechargeable battery, and a battery-indicator light will help you know when the device needs recharging.  Zeno acne treatment device is shipped with a discharged battery and will need to be charged for at least six hours before the first use.  It is recommended that you keep Zeno on the charger between uses to ensure a full charge when you need it.  If the device does not have enough charge to complete a full treatment cycle, it will not begin to operate.  Also, for safety reasons, Zeno will not operate while plugged into the charger.

Zeno uses ClearPoint(TM) technology to deliver its “precisely controlled heat dose” to acne blemishes.  A number of laboratory studies were conducted before introducing Zeno into the market.  It was determined that “the level of heat required” to induce p. acnes to self-destruct is “well below” the temperature that will damage human skin.

According to Zeno’s website, only one treatment is often all that is needed to eradicate a pimple.  If one treatment does not finish the job, “two to three 2 ½-minute treatments spread over 24 hours” should be sufficient.  Zeno should be used at the first sign of a blemish.

In the clinical trial, patients “experienced little reaction to the low-level heat.”  The only reported side effect is “some temporary skin redness” after a treatment cycle for some people.

Where to Buy My Zeno

Zeno can be purchased from the official website or from select online retailers.  It is not available in stores.


The cost of Zeno varies based on the model that you choose.  The basic Zeno with 60 treatment tips and a wall charger costs $129.  Zeno Mini with 40 treatment tips and two AAA batteries costs $89, while the Zeno Pro with 90 treatment tips, a wall charger, and a leather case with mirror costs $159.  Replacement treatment tips and power supply cords can also be purchased at the Zeno website.

Return Policy

Zeno acne device comes with a “30-day money back guarantee.”  If you are not satisfied with the results of Zeno, you may return it in its original packaging, along with your original proof of purchase, to the retailer for a full refund.

Zeno also comes with a one-year guarantee that the device will be free of defects “in material and workmanship.”  Certain restrictions apply.  Full details are available on the Zeno website.


Zeno is in that new and unusual class of acne treatments that don’t rely on creams, cleansers, or even internal acne fighting pills.  Can an electronic zit zapper really work?  Does it work as a solution for acne?  Even the Zeno website states that their device can’t be relied on as the only acne treatment a person uses.  It will “not replace good basic skin care or a doctor’s care.”  What do real people say about Zeno, though?  Is this product good?

First, let’s look at the pros and cons that various user reviews have shown.

Pros:  Portable, heat is soothing for some, no messy creams, reduces the size and inflammation of blemishes quickly, reduces blemish pain, does not cause dry skin as some products do

Cons:  High price, cost of replacement tips, may scar sensitive skin, does not work for some people.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that Zeno gets mixed reviews – some people are thrilled at the results, while others have problems and call it a horrible scam product.  In looking at multiple user reviews on various sites, it appears that more than half of Zeno users are pleased with the results they’re seeing in how Zeno affects blemishes.  On one particular site, only two out of 15 reviews were negative.

For many, figuring out how to get Zeno to work properly is “a learning curve.”  For some, it takes using the device on several pimples before they feel like it has become “second nature,” as one review puts it.  Though Zeno should be used at the earliest sign of a blemish appearing, at least one user tried it on “a deep pimple” on her chin.  She used the device three times the first day, and “on the second day the pimple was a mere speck.”  Another reviewer writes that Zeno “has been surprisingly effective on my flareups.”  She advises that if a pimple is already showing a white head, “You waited too late.”

What about those who say it doesn’t work?  The reason most give is simply “it doesn’t work.”  Several factors could cause this to happen – For one, Zeno states that the device will not work on blackheads, whiteheads, or cystic acne, but some buy the product without reading all of the information available on the website.  As one writes, “It wasn’t until I opened the box that I saw it is NOT intended for black heads, white heads, and inflamed/moderate acne.”

Since the Zeno treatment tip needs to be applied to a blemish for a full 2 1/2 minutes, it’s possible that some people simply don’t treat the acne long enough and, therefore, they “see no results.”

Some say that Zeno hurts and can even burn sensitive skin.  One user says that it took “two months for the redness to subside” after using Zeno.  However, at least one reviewer who says she has “super sensitive skin” writes that it “does not hurt” though it “leaves a little red circle for about 20 minutes” where the pimple was before.  In regards to the temperature, a reviewer from Alabama writes that the “paraffin wax in a beauty salon is hotter than Zeno.”

In addition to its high ratings from users, Zeno has received Allure magazine’s Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award as well as a spot in the Top 10 Best Acne Treatments list at Acne Away.