What is the Best Natural Acne Treatment?

If you’re looking for natural remedies for acne treatment, you have come to the right place. There are few well known and effective natural treatments that can clear up your skin fast.

Almost everyone experiences some form of acne throughout their lifetime. The body starts to change and the skin reflects these changes. So it was during my teen years that I started my research into the best natural acne treatments. Since I didn’t have a lot of money I started with two simple herbal treatments that just about anyone can afford.

Aloe vera is an effective natural treatment for acne. Aside from this it has numerous other very important healing properties. The gel inside the plant has enzymes which are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. You can use aloe lotion or gel or you can use the gel inside the leaf of plants you raise in your window. Just cut a leaf and let the clear sap drip into a clean container for collection.. After washing your face, just apply the gel on your acne affected skin areas and allow it to dry.

Tea tree oil is a very effective acne cystic natural treatment. It too contains the ingredients needed to fight the bacteria which aids in causing this type of acne and works much the same that aloe  does as  a natural pimple treatment. It helps promote healthy skin and is effective for preventing scars from pimples you accidentally pop.(It’s never a good idea to pop a pimple on purpose!) Combining both these natural treatments can increase the overall effectiveness.

So really what makes teal tree oil so powerful? Tea tree oil contains a constituent called terpinen-4-ol that’s thought to be responsible for most of tea tree oil’s anti-bacterial activity. Applying a dab of tea tree oil on a cotton swab to acne lesions kills Propionibacterium acnes, the skin-dwelling bacteria involved in causing acne.

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves and stems of a bush found in southeastern Australia. It also causes almost no side effects compared to other acne treatments making it considered by many as the best natural acne treatment, although it should not be used to treat acne in children under the age of 13. Tea tree oil can be found in topical cream form or you can mix 1 parts of oil with 9 parts of cold cream to make a safe concentrated solution.

Treating Acne Scars

It can be difficult to find the right types of natural acne scar treatment. Although home remedies are somewhat helpful and cheap, they never get rid of scars right away.  On the other hand, most medical treatments for acne scars take four or five visits over four or five months that cost four or five hundred dollars each. It’s a lot less expensive and ultimately about as effective to treat small scars with over the counter products.

Exposed Skin Care makes an acne microdermabrasion cloth that rubs away dead skin cells that make skin around your scars hold the scars tight. Bit by bit you remove dead skin and the tension around scars, allowing them to smooth out. Exposed Skin Care also makes a microdermabrasion cream you rub on your face to do the same thing. Unlike other products that contain a potentially irritant ingredient called aluminum oxide, which is itchy and hard to wash of your skin, the Exposed Skin Care microdermabrasion cream uses safe corundum crystals

You can also treat acne scars with scar gels and scar sheets. The idea with both of these products is to tighten and flatten your skin so scars simply disappear. Use can use the gel when you go out and the sheet when you sleep at night. These products may not totally eliminate scar but they make them look better at low cost an no pain.

Most Acne Treatments Are Based on Natural Principles

Now one thing that you should know that I did not at that age is that most prescription and natural acne treatments are the same.  Accutane, for instance, is really a turbo-charged, super-active formulation of vitamin A. But realistically speaking, most prescriptions are based on either vitamin A in the form of retinol or they are based on benzoyl peroxide, which is something that can be made from a natural product known as benzoin. These are the two most common ingredients used as the base ingredients for natural products.

That’s the idea behind another successful over the counter acne product called Acnezine. It works by the use of antioxidants which helps to get rid of toxins and  regulate the oil secretion, putting an end to acne slowly and steadily. It is recommended as a preferred natural treatment of acne in pregnant women because it has  no side effects.

The protection creams, the probiotics, and the deep washes makes Exposed Skin Care of the best complete acne treatment systems available on the market. If you are looking for over the counter natural acne treatment systems a very good one is “Exposed.” Its ingredients are safe and if you search online you won’t have any problems finding positive feedback from happy users.

Shedding Light on Acne

A treatment with a bit of a twist for everyday acne is the red and blue light therapy. Blue light helps in destroying the bacteria, while the red helps by shrinking oil glands at the base of pores in the skin. This is a treatment with very little side effects and is pretty effective most of the time. It can take about four weeks of daily use—be sure to sit at the right distance from the lamp, it’s not sunburn therapy—before you see results.

Detoxifying for Acne Prevention

Maintaining a normal hormonal balance combined with a healthy lifestyle is a natural cystic acne treatment. Getting rid of the toxins in your body is the first priority. Most detoxification diets require that you consume fruits and vegetables. Natural tea made from leaves (not instant) is an effective approach to help reduce acne. Try to avoid coffee or drinks that contain caffeine, it is not good for your skin. Consuming liquefied food and juices can help in cleansing the digestive system. Water contains antioxidant that flushes away toxins in the body. It is suggested that you consume at least eight glasses of water a day to obtain a healthy lifestyle.

Treating your skin with soothing oatmeal is an all natural acne treatment that can get amazing results in 7 days. It’s the removal of the dead skin cells and build up of debris that helps to open the pores. Steaming your face will also help flushing your skin of unnecessary dirt and oils.

One much acclaimed natural acne spot treatment is the oatmeal skin cleanser. A mixture of rosewater with some oatmeal added to it produces a thick paste which acts as an excellent cleanser. Spread this paste as a mask on your face or any other part of skin which has been affected by acne and let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water which would help closing the pores after the cleansing process. Apply this mask daily which will work as acne spot treatment as well as preventive

Going on the kitchen hunt for saw raw apple cider will afford you an excellent acne natural treatment as well. Application of it is not only cheap and alternative but has also been proven works effectively to many adults, teens and children with acne, blemishes, pimples and zits. Coconut oil is another inexpensive natural home acne treatment that works. There are already make-ups or cosmetics available in the market that contain coconut oil as one of the ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables are another valuable source of treatment such as tomatoes or strawberries. Thus, natural treatment for acne scars is the best that we can choose so that we will be treated naturally and inexpensively. It will not only remove the scar from your skin due to acne but also the cost that acne can bring.

If it’s a mask that you prefer then don’t pass up the honey jar as it contains some excellent antibacterial components as well. This is great because it can be use for killing or disinfecting the acne causing bacteria as well as healing minor blemishes. On a side note, honey is also gentle on the sensitive skin, making it one of the best natural treatment for acne on any skin type. It is recommended that you apply a honey mask once to twice a week.

Though over-the-counter creams can be used as treatment but they can only help treat our acne from the outside in. They can only kill some of the bacteria on your face and reduce redness. But be aware too that applying too many chemicals on your skin can strip away its natural oil. So, our skin tends to overproduce oil to compensate it, which eventually block our pores and lead to acne. Aloe vera is another natural acne treatment that works. Soaps and gels based on aloe vera that are available in the market are very safe to use and do not require prescription from a doctor.