SensiClear Review

SensiClear is a topical acne treatment that contains a “revolutionary new ingredient” called Retextra(R).  This special ingredient penetrates quickly to unclog pores and smooths and softens skin “to create a healthy, radiant and acne-free complexion” and will also minimize the appearance of acne scars.  Retextra is said to eliminate excess oil, unclog pores, and promote cell renewal.

SensiClear has been tested by independent laboratory studies which found that it is “50% more effective in reducing acne lesions than Proactiv” in the first three days of use.  The studies also found that, in just 28 days, SensiClear also reduces acne “by up to 70%” and “redness by 200%” as well as increasing “skin brightness by 92%.”  SensiClear’s website calls the system “the most advanced treatment for acne that can be purchased without a prescription.”

SensiClear products are designed for use by people with all skin types – even sensitive skin.  The website says that some people see results within “just 72 hours of their first use,” yet some people experience “purging of the skin.”  Purging may last 7-10 days, according to SensiClear’s frequently asked questions page.

Company Information

SensiClear products are manufactured by Mission Scientific Skincare, Inc., California-based company “dedicated to developing leading edge skin care products utilizing the latest patented technologies that provide the best possible results for our customers.”  SensiClear receives a grade of C- from the Better Business Bureau, though the BBB says it knows “of no reason not to do business with this company.”  Over the last 36 months, five complaints have been filed against SensiClear, and all have been resolved satisfactorily.

Product Specifications

The three-step SensiClear acne treatment system contains Purifying Cleanser, Balancing Toner, and Acne Treatment Lotion.  An additional Acne Spot Treatment Cream is available as a bonus.  While SensiClear products do not contain benzoyl peroxide, their active ingredients are Retextra(R) and salicylic acid.  Details about Retextra are not completely clear.  The SensiClear website does not describe precisely what the compound is, though they give its generic name as Hydroxyanasatil Retinoate.

The frequently asked questions page states that SensiClear products contain “many natural ingredients,” but this too is unclear on the ingredient lists.  The products do contain alcohol, sodium laureth sulfate, and sodium hydroxide.

While the Purifying Cleanser does not contain salicylic acid, both Balancing Toner and Acne Treatment Lotion contain .5% salicylic acid.  Acne Spot Treatment Cream contains 2% salicylic acid.

Purifying Cleanser and Balancing Toner should be used both morning and evening.  When you first start the regimen, SensiClear recommends using Acne Treatment Lotion in the evenings only.  Once you find how your skin responds to the treatment, however, you may decide to use the system only once per day or however often you find will give the best results.

No warnings or potential side effects to using SensiClear are discussed on the website.

Where to Buy SensiClear

SensiClear kits may be purchased from the SensiClear website.  The individual products may be purchased from some online retailers. The 60 day kit is also available in NYC Duane Reade drugstores for $29.95.


A 30-day SensiClear Deluxe Kit will cost $19.95 plus shipping.

Return Policy

Your first purchase of SensiClear comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  Depending on which kit you purchase, you may try it for either 30 or 60 days and, if you’re not happy with the results, return the unused portion for a full refund minus shipping.  Complete details are available at the SensiClear website.  (Many people call this refund policy SensiClear’s “free trial.”)


At first, I had trouble trouble finding real user reviews of SensiClear.  The first few acne websites I ordinarily check had no comments from people who had actually used this system.  I dug deeper to try and find out if it really works, and I was able to come up with some real user feedback.  Let’s look at the pros and cons first.

Pros:  Nice fragrance, reasonable price, good exfoliator, makes skin smoother.

Cons: Can be drying, causes purging in nearly everyone, texture of products is unpleasant

Across the board, SensiClear gets pretty low ratings as an acne solution.  The biggest problem that people seem to have with the product is the purging, which many report is worse than what would be considered normal.  One review says, SensiClear “made my skin look worse than it ever has…it took a few weeks to get my skin back to normal.”  This lengthy recovery time is not that uncommon.  Another reviewer writes that she used the product for only one day and “it’s taken over a week to get my skin back to normal.”

Some acne sufferers, on the other hand, have a good experience with SensiClear.  One writes, “Even my old acne scars are nearly gone.  This system is gentle, no redness, flaky skin, or dryness.”  She says it’s the only acne treatment system that has worked for her.  Another lady writes that, after using SensiClear for a week, she has no “new blemishes.”

Some people do go so far as to call SensiClear a scam, saying it’s just a poor attempt to share some of the popularity of Proactiv.  From the reviews I found, it’s hard to say.  The ratings people have given suggest that it doesn’t work well to fight and prevent acne.