ThermaClear Review – The Power of Heat to The Rescue!

ThermaClear heat enabled acne treatment is “the next generation of skin care technology” that will replace “messy, irritating acne creams.  To treat many types of acne, this device “is similar to professional acne-clearing treatments” and provides “a gentle pulse of heat” that penetrates “beneath skin’s surface to neutralize…bacteria from above and below the blemish.”  This burst of heat triggers the body’s acne-fighting response to heal blemishes more quickly “often in as little as 24 hours.”

ThermaClear is recommended by 8 out of 10 dermatologists and can be used by people of all ethnicities with all skin types.  ThermaClear’s website says that the system will not “discolor darker skin tones” and that it is not drying to skin.  This acne treatment system can be used by both men and women of all ages – it will successfully treat teenage acne, adult acne, and hormonal acne.  It is also safe for use by pregnant mothers.

The device should be used only for mild to moderate inflammatory acne – meaning that it should not be used on whiteheads or blackheads.  When deciding which blemishes can be effectively treated, ThermaClear does say that “what many people mistakenly call a ‘whitehead’ is, in reality, a pustule” which can be treated by the ThermaClear device.  ThermaClear is not recommended for treating severe forms of acne like cystic acne.

The ThermaClear acne treatment solution has been evaluated by a Food & Drug Administration-reviewed clinical trial, which proved that it “clears pimples two to four times faster” than using no treatment at all.  In a survey of ThermaClear customers, the company found that 93% “believe ThermaClear is effective when used on blemishes before they surface.”

Company Information

ThermaClear was invented by Dr. Luiz de Silva.  Therative, Inc., the maker of ThermaClear acne clearing device, is based in California and has been a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business since 2004.  They receive a BBB grade of A and have received zero consumer complaints in the last 36 months.

Product Specifications

ThermaClear should be used at the first sign of a new pimple.  After cleansing the area, the ThermaClear is placed on the blemish area where it provides a quick two-second “pulse of thermal energy, which causes a mild tingling sensation.”  It should be used again within 1-4 hours.  Though treating most blemishes can be done in just two treatments per day, a pimple can be treated by ThermaClear up to three times in a 24 hour period.  Exceeding three treatments “may delay healing or burn your skin.”

The ThermaClear device measures approximately 5” by 2” by 1” and weighs about four and a half ounces.  It requires two AA batteries to run, and ThermaClear warns against using rechargeable or non-alkaline batteries.  The treatment tip needs to be replaced “twice a year, depending on use, and should be replaced immediately if it becomes scratched or damaged.”  Replacement tips can be purchased directly from ThermaClear.  (Some pages on the ThermaClear website say the tip can be replaced just one per year.)

ThermaClear’s website states that it has “no harmful side effects.”  You may experience “brief discomfort” when applying the heated pulse, and fair-skinned users “may see redness where the tip was applied.”  This is considered normal and is said to fade quickly.

Where to Buy ThermaClear

ThermaClear may be purchased from the official ThermaClear website and from authorized online retailers.


The cost of a ThermaClear device is $149.85.

Return Policy

ThermaClear offers a risk-free “Free & Clear” guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied with the results of using ThermaClear, you may return it within 30 days of purchase “and your account will be credited for any payments you’ve made.”  Each ThermaClear device also comes with a one-year warranty “against workmanship or factory defects.”

Rating: (5/5)

User Feedback

“…literally dried out and killed the pimple in 1-2 days…”

“…completely and absolutely works…”

–Actual user comments from

“…I couldn’t be happier with the results…”

–Actual user comment from Buzzillions


Many people write ThermaClear reviews in a ThermaClear versus Zeno format.  A few differences between these devices are that the ThermaClear is larger in size, that it requires less time per application, and that you can treat more blemishes at once with ThermaClear than with Zeno.  (Zeno allows only three treatment applications per “session,” whereas ThermaClear allows unlimited applications.)  ThermaClear’s applicator tip is larger than Zeno’s which makes “it easier to get in the right spot” for many people.  Another benefit of ThermaClear vs. Zeno is that ThermaClear’s treatment tip needs replaced only twice per year or if damage occurs, while Zeno’s tip must be replaced after every 90 applications.

But does it work?  ThermaClear’s information says not to use the device on whiteheads or blackheads, which leaves treating cystic acne, red blemishes with no white tip, and perhaps other forms of acne that don’t fall into the “whitehead or blackhead” category.  One user says, “it’s pretty situational,” and says that he found it difficult to figure out which were the “right kind of pimples” to use it on.

Many ThermaClear reviews say that, for it to really work, it’s important “to use when the pimple is forming” and that once a pimple is “already inflamed, the ThermaClear becomes unusable” and “doesn’t work.”

I found just a few reviews from people who said ThermaClear didn’t work for them at all.  One man writes that he used it exactly as directed, but he says, “It did not affect my acne at all.”  Since he doesn’t go into detail about the type of acne he has, it’s hard to say why it wouldn’t work for him.  Another reviewer says that she has “extremely sensitive skin” and that the heat hurt her skin.  She also writes that her treated blemish “began to scar” and that she “had a huge red mark for weeks.”

Regarding the potential for pain during application that some mention, one ThermaClear user writes in her review, “It hurts a bit, though, but it is worth it.”  At least one person said that, for her, it only hurts on cystic acne.  Most reviews I read mentioned that any stinging was minimal because of the short two-second application.

Overall, ThermaClear gets very high ratings from the vast majority of people who try it.  No one gives a warning that it’s a scam, and it has been named Best Acne Treatment Device by and was included in the Best of Beauty prize package on the Tyra Banks’ Show.  When comparing the pros and cons, the good and the bad of both ThermaClear and Zeno, every review I read put ThermaClear solidly at the top.