Top 3 Acne Treatments

#1 – Exposed Skin Care

What we really like about Exposed Skin Care is how effective it is. Ultimately, what matters is clearing your skin and Exposed delivers. Fortunately, it’s gentle on the skin at the same time, which means you dont’ have to endure any irritation or pain. Exposed is ideally suited for oily to normal skin, which is the skin type the majority of acne sufferers have.

Exposed back up their products with a unique guarantee. You are literally guaranteed clear skin in 30 days or you can get your money back. Past the first 30 days you can still get your money back for a whole year! They take all the risk and you have nothing to lose by trying this popular acne treatment system. No other company offers such a strong guarantee and it goes to show how confident they are that you will enjoy taking care of your skin daily and achieve the blemish-free skin you desire. Read more about Exposed Skin care.

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#2 – Neutrogena Skin ID

Neutrogena Skin ID is unique in the sense that they try and taylor your treatment after your skin type and a number of other factors. They present you with 18 different questions and then direct you to the combination of products they believe are the most suited for you. This is a good idea in principle and we like it, but somehow the user feedback is not completely convincing and in line with the idea, which is basically good. Neutrogena Skin ID is not a bad choice, but possibly certain tweaks to their formulas could improve user experience. Read the full review of Neutrogena skin ID.

#3 – ClearPores

ClearPores has been specifically developed to not just concentrate on clearing the acne on the outside, but to fight the cause of acne from within. ClearPores will help your skin be acne free and will stop further breakouts in the future. Unlike many over the counter products, ClearPores claim their product will also help combat acne scarring and acne swelling. Read the full review of ClearPores.