TriClear Treat & Prevent System Review

TriClear Treat & Prevent System is a three-step acne solution system that is designed to “treat the major causes of acne, control oil production and greasiness, and prevent future breakouts.”  TriClear’s unique formula is an “exclusive breakthrough combination” of acne-fighting ingredients, “soothing buffers and moisturizing nutrients” that are both gentle and powerful enough to effectively treat acne.

All TriClear products contain QuSomes(R) which offer “sustained-release delivery technology” to target acne at its source.  QuSomes(R) “encapsulate ingredients” in tiny spheres that penetrate deep into skin and “continually release a higher concentration” of acne-fighting ingredients at the exact location where acne begins.

TriClear treats both teen and adult acne and has been used successfully be people with all skin types, from dark to fair, including sensitive skin.

An independent research team conducted an in-home trial of TriClear Treat & Prevent System among hundreds of first time customers.  The results showed that 98% of users saw acne clear up and experienced less irritation, 97% experienced fewer breakouts, and 96% had smoother skin.  About three-quarters of those who use TriClear are said to see improvement in their acne in just seven days.  According to TriClear’s website, “optimal results are usually seen after 6-8 weeks of continued use.”  Complete clearing, for some people, may take 3-6 months.

Company Information

TriClear receives a grade of C- from the Better Business Bureau.  In the last 36 months, 152 consumer complaints have been filed against TriClear across a wide range of issues.  Of these, 125 were satisfactorily resolved while 27 were “Administratively Closed,” which means that the BBB believes TriClear made reasonable efforts to resolve the issue but the consumer remained dissatisfied.

Product Specifications

Step one in the TriClear acne treatment system is Purifying Cleanser, a mineral-based cleanser that cleans without irritating skin.  It lifts dirt, oil, and dead skin cells out of pores to leave “skin feeling fresh, clean, and clear.”  This oil- and alcohol-free facial cleanser contains sodium hyaluronate to moisturize skin and give a “smoother, toned look” as well as chamomile to calm and prepare skin for the rest of the regimen.

Repairing Gel, the second step in the TriClear regimen, encourages skin to repair itself, helps to prevent future breakouts, gives skin “a non-greasy look and feel,” and contains an ingredient called silicol dioxide to absorb and control oil production.  Oil-free and non-irritating, Repairing Gel will leave skin “renewed and visibly fresher.”  After applying, Repairing Gel needs to be allowed to absorb into skin for ten minutes and then rinsed off with warm water.

The final step is called Revitalizing Cream and is “clinically proven to treat major causes of acne.”  Its two active ingredients are salicylic acid for clearing acne and stimulating skin renewal and inflacin to calm irritation and sooth redness.  Oil-free, moisturizing Revitalizing Cream keeps pores clear by exfoliating the top layer of skin.

No warnings or side effects of using TriClear are given on the website, but those with “particularly sensitive skin” are advised that they may experience mild irritation.

Where to Buy TriClear

TriClear may be purchased from the official TriClear website.


The cost of TriClear is not listed on the official website.  Reviews from users listed various prices ranging from $49.95 to $70 per kit.

Return Policy

Within 30 days of receiving your TriClear kit, you may return it for a full refund minus shipping charges.  You’ll need to contact a TriClear Customer Care Representative before returning any products.


The ratings TriClear receives from real users on various acne review sites are overwhelmingly negative.  When I was trying to find out if TriClear really works, I found surprisingly few people talking about whether it is good at treating acne.  What they were talking about is the scam behind TriClear’s advertised “free trial.”  Both and have numerous user-submitted stories about the “TriClear scam.”

I found dozens of reviews from people who have ordered TriClear believing they were trying it for free, and then found themselves charged full price because they “did not return the free trial.”  The way it appears to work is this:  The TriClear website boasts a free trial of their acne treatment system – “All you pay is shipping.”  The price of a kit purchased after the trial is not disclosed openly on the site.  After the trial kit arrives, TriClear then charges the person’s credit card for the full cost of a full-size kit.  This charge is made anywhere from 12 days to 2 ½ weeks after ordering the free trial.  The prices people have been charged vary from $49.95 to $69.95.

Those who contact TriClear’s customer service to complain about this charge are told that, because they did return the kit within the “two week trial period,” they must pay for it.  If someone does return their TriClear trial, the company charges a “$20 restocking fee.”

Many have reported that contacting customer service to cancel the “automatic shipment” plan is nearly impossible.  “Their office is always closed,” writes one person.  One lady who could not get the company to answer the phone so she could cancel says, “I changed my bank account to avoid further charges.”  The box TriClear acne system is shipped in does not contain a return address, which makes returning it without talking to customer service impossible.

Besides the issue of the free trial that isn’t free, does TriClear work?  Will it clear acne?  Since so many people are discussing their dissatisfaction with the credit card charges, there was very little being said about the pros and cons of how TriClear actually performs.  I found one person who says, “The product has not helped my skin at all and in fact made it red and bumpy.”

One young lady says that “TriClear is by far the best acne product I have ever used.”  She reports that it “eliminated the oil and shine” from her face and was not at all drying.  Another writes that Repairing Gel “really made the redness on my face go away.”  While not everyone reported this problem, a lady on writes that Repairing Gel is “very drying” and left her face feeling “tight and super dry.”  She uses another brand’s facial lotion to counteract this effect.

Most people would probably shy away from purchasing TriClear after learning about the excessive charges the company makes, but some have found that TriClear works well to clear their acne.