Vilantae(TM) by Evolution X Review – Trying to Mimic Accutane

Vilantae(TM) by Evolution X is an advanced acne treatment that is rated between “moderate and maximum prevention” right below prescription isotretinoin.  Because topical acne products can’t address oil production until after it’s reached the skin’s surface, Vilantae acne treatment works to prevent “excess oil from being released in the first place.”  Vilantae balances oil production so that it remains at a constant “optimum” level throughout the day instead of spiking into “too much.”

This “new category of skin care” uses all-natural, high quality ingredients to fight acne before it begins.  It can be used for both teenage and adult acne, by people of all ethnicities and skin types.  Unlike most topical acne treatment systems, Vilantae will treat body acne as well as facial acne.

According to Vilantae’s website, this acne solution is “second only to Accutane…in terms of effectiveness.”  After years of research, Dr. Lit-Hung Leung, M.D., published studies regarding the ability of d-Calcium pantothenate, otherwise known as vitamin B5, to prevent acne.  His findings of d-Calcium pantothenate (Vilantae)’s role in acne is this:

The reason for excess oil on the skin is because lipids and fatty acid deposits beneath the skin are not being broken down and recirculated into the blood stream but are being “released as sebum (oil).”  The body breaks down these lipids and fatty acids by using an enzyme called coenzyme A.  If coenzyme A is lacking or busy being used for other bodily functions, the excess lipids and fatty acids “are secreted as oil” through the skin.  Coenzyme A is produced by the body using three components, two of which are produced naturally within the body and one of which must be supplied by the diet.  The component that must be present in the diet is Vilantae (d-Calcium pantothenate).  By supplementing your intake with Vilantae, “the deficiency of coenzyme A is eliminated,” the “fatty acids get broken down and the skin does not over release oil.”  Without excessive oil, acne simply does not occur.

Along with d-Calcium pantothenate, Vilantae acne vitamins “are specially formulated with the necessary nutrients” to help the body absorb Vilantae, allocate coenzyme A, and break down carbohydrates.

The first sign that Vilantae is working is a noticeable reduction in skin oil, which usually occurs 3-4 weeks after beginning the system.  About one to two weeks after this, “a significant reduction in acne starts to occur.”  Vilantae states that it “typically takes three months to experience the full effects of Vilantae” and if you have not seen positive results after five months, your “body is not responding to the therapy.”  Vilantae estimates its effectiveness at 80 – 85% of those who take the supplements as directed.  According to the website, “The most common reason for failure is not taking enough, not giving it enough time, and not sticking to a consistent amount on a daily basis.”

Company Information

Vilantae is marketed by Evolution-X, Inc., a company based in Tennessee in the United States.  Evolution-X receives a grade of B- from the Better Business Bureau with the reason for the grade being that the BBB does not have sufficient background information about the company nor about how long they have been in business.  Only one complaint has been filed against Evolution-X in the last 36 months, but it was “Administratively Closed” because the BBB determined that it could not be satisfactorily resolved.

Product Specifications

All-natural Vilantae acne vitamins contain vitamin B5 (d-Calcium pantothenate) as their active ingredient.  The role this vitamin plays in preventing acne is explained above and in full detail on Vilantae’s website.  Vilantae is available in either capsule or powder form depending on your personal preferences.  There is no difference in the effectiveness of either form.

When first taking Vilantae supplements, you’ll need to take “megadoses” during the first three months.  For the capsules, you should take five capsules twice per day for the first five days of treatment.  Then begin taking five capsules four times per day for the next three months.  After this “megadosing” period, you can reduce your maintenance dose to 4-15 capsules per day.  Those with severe acne may benefit from taking six capsules four times per day, but no one should exceed 24 capsules per day without discussing it with a doctor first.

If taking Vilantae powder, it can be mixed with any liquid though water is recommended.  (Vilantae advises against mixing with carbonated or alcoholic beverages.)  The drink will need to be shaken to dissolve the powder and preserve the ingredients.  When using the powder, you can take just three doses per day instead of the four with the capsules.  One scoop of powder equals seven capsules.

The website states that Vilantae is “100% safe with minimal side effects.”  Side effects mentioned include loose stool, mild stomach irritation, and, rarely, possible headaches during the first couple weeks of treatment.  The body usually adjusts after a period of time and any digestive effects will stop, but if you experience headaches while taking Vilantae you should stop your dosage and talk to a doctor.    Any other adverse effects are a warning sign to stop taking the supplement.  Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take Vilantae.

Though Vilantae will not cause adverse reactions if taken with other medications, you should not use Vilantae and isotretinoin (Accutane) at the same time.

Where to Buy Vilantae

Vilantae capsules and powder may be ordered from the official Vilantae website.


The cost of Vilantae is $38.50 for 400 capsules or $35.50 for an equivalent amount of powder.  The powder comes with a free ½ ounce shot glass for mixing.

Return Policy

Vilantae offers a 90 day money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, you may return return your empty bottles within 90 days of the day you receive your order to receive a full refund minus shipping.  A return address is provided on Vilantae’s website.


In searching user reviews to learn the pros and cons of Vilantae, I found that most people give these acne pills high ratings.  Let’s look at some of these good reviews, and then we’ll look at the problems some have had.

Many people who have used Vilantae are excited about the results they’ve seen.  A few comments I’ve found – “This product has definitely reduced both skin oil and acne.”  “I’m really happy this exists.”  “I’ve noticed a pretty decent change in my acne.”  “Works wonders for me!”

Of course, not everyone agrees with these glowing reviews.  Like all treatments, Vilantae really works for some but not for others.  Some say it’s the best acne treatment they’ve ever tried, but others call it a complete scam.

One problem noted by one young lady is that she must remember to “take [Vilantae] pills every three hours.”  In her review, she writes that if she waits even just four hours between doses her “skin pays for it the next few days.”  This need to be so strict in the dosing times is probably not true for everyone, but each person’s body will respond differently.  Another Vilantae user with “extremely oily skin” writes that the pills did not lower his oil production and his “acne was not affected at all.”  On the other hand, another young man with “extremely oily skin” says that Vilantae did “greatly reduce” his oil production.  He also writes that his “pores have slightly decreased in size.”

Regarding Vilantae’s acne fighting abilities, a user from Holland writes that after running out of pills, her skin became very oily.  She sums it up this way, “I don’t really know if it clears your acne, but it sure gets rid of the excess oil.”  Of course, some see no improvement whatsoever.  One writes that Vilantae is doing “absolutely nothing” for his acne, and others write that they experienced “acne in places I’ve never had it before” while taking the pills.

Though hair loss is not a mentioned side effect on the Vilantae website, I found one user who said that his eyebrow hair began to fall out while he was taking Vilantae.  Another writes that she “thinks hair does fall out quicker.”  A man from New Zealand writes that Vilantae “did help reduce oil” and that his acne was “almost completely clear by 3 weeks in,” but in his fourth week of taking the supplements, he noticed his “hair was easily falling out” and then became “brittle and dry.”

For some, the results of using Vilantae come quickly – “I have only been taking it for about 2 weeks now but I have seen a huge improvement!” – while for others, the results take much longer – “I have been taking Vilantae for 2 months…no results.”  As the Vilantae website says, it can take three months for some people to see full improvement, and even they admit the B5 supplements won’t help every acne sufferer.