Zyporex Acne Treatment Review

Zyporex Acne Treatment is a one-step skin cleanser and acne solution.  “Basically a nutritional supplement” for your skin, Zyporex contains “30 vitamins, minerals, and herbal acne aids” as well as tiny exfoliators to lift dirt and dead skin cells from your pores.  The ingredients also work to slow bacterial growth to help prevent future acne breakouts.

Zyporex can be used an an all-over skin cleanser and works on body acne as well as facial acne.  Zyporex is not drying to the skin, nor will it induce your body to “rebound” and produce excess oil as some treatments do.  The Zyporex ingredients help acne prone skin to heal itself.  With Zyporex, you can “clear, revitalize, moisturize, supplement, and heal” skin in just one 30-second daily treatment.

Company Information

The Zyporex website does not offer any information about the location or other operations of the company behind the product.  Other than an email address, they provide no contact information.  The Better Business Bureau file on Zyporex, however, shows that the company is based in California.  The BBB gives Zyporex a grade of F and states that they “strongly question the company’s reliability.”  Zyporex has received 16 consumer complaints in the last 36 months – nine of these have not been responded to by the company.

Product Specifications

Zyporex face scrub is “100% chemical free” and contains a mixture of herbals, vitamins, and minerals.  Ingredients include aloe vera, white willow extract, calendula, avocado oil, green tea extract, tea tree oil, and walnut shell for exfoliating.  A complete list of ingredients is included on the Zyporex website.

Zyporex is packaged in a 12.2 ounce bottle that “lasts at least 3 months.”  No warnings or side effects to using the Zyporex cleansing system are discussed on the website.

Where to Buy Zyporex

You may purchase Zyporex on its official website.  It is not sold in stores.


The cost for one bottle of Zyporex is $29.99.  If you purchase two or more bottles at a time, you’ll receive a free bottle of Zyporex 12 Hour Acne Treatment, but details about this product are not given on the website.

Return Policy

Zyporex offers a “no time limit” guarantee.  Use Zyporex cleanser as long as you’d like, and if it doesn’t work you can return it for a full refund including shipping charges.


After looking at the Zyporex website, I wanted to find out the answers to some common questions:  Is Zyporex good?  Does it work?  Are these 100% natural ingredients good or bad for skin?  As always, I’ve sought out reviews from real users to find the answers to these questions.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find more than a few real-user reviews on the major acne forums, and those I found called Zyporex a scam.  This made me decide to check out ComplaintsBoard.com to see what people there were saying.

I found quite a few Zyporex reviews at ComplaintsBoard, both from people who had problems with the product or company and from people for whom Zyporex really works.  I’ll share the simple pros and cons first.

Pros:  pleasant smell, reduces skin irritation, clears blackheads

Cons:  dries out skin, brings out more acne in some, poor customer service for many people

The ratings and reviews regarding Zyporex vary so dramatically that it’s hard to know what to believe.  On the one hand, there are people who say their shipments arrived quickly and the cleanser “worked great,” but on the other hand, there are people who say the company behind Zyporex is just ripping people off.  These people say that their orders never arrived, Zyporex would not respond to emails, and the only phone number Zyporex provided led to a “voice mail box that was full and not accepting new messages.”  These kinds of comments coupled with the numerous complaints against Zyporex that the BBB has received would make anyone suspicious.

Potential scam aside, taking a closer look at Zyporex ingredients raises a few warning flags.  Though the Zyporex website says that it is made entirely from natural ingredients, one lengthy review I read disputed that.  The writer says that Zyporex’s “vitamin content … is 100% synthetic,” and that it contains four other non-natural ingredients – a “preservative, peptides, glycerin” and “hyaluric acid,” which “has been shown to be involved in the progression of malignant tumors.”

Another review states that, among other problems with the ingredients, “calendula can cause eczema in anyone with a ragweed … allergy.”  According to this person, the essential oils in Zyporex “are very irritating to a lot of skin types.”

Though it appears that Zyporex was once included on a “top acne treatments” list, no one is currently calling it the best acne cure available.  With the reviews suggesting that Zyporex is not the most honest company and that the “natural ingredients” may not be completely safe, it may be best to look elsewhere for your acne treatment.

After completing this information page, I discovered that the Zyporex homepage is identical to the homepage of ProNexin Acne Treatment.  The product description, the list of ingredients, the “user testimonials,” the frequently asked questions, the price – all of it is 100% identical.  This scream fraud and scam to me.

This is why you’ll notice that my information pages for both Zyporex and ProNexin read almost identical as well.  Since the information the company presents is the same, I am simply reiterating to you what is on the website.